My Running Journey

Until very recently I had given up on the idea of running. I had tried numerous times to “become a runner” or “get into running”, but I always seem to fail. I didn’t like it: the exhaustion, the soreness, or the sweat. Yet, knowing several people who enjoy running and participate in several races a year, I still wanted to experience what they did. I wanted to know this burst of energy that came from running, and even joy felt by many.

After my last failed “running” attempt, becoming very frustrated and drained I had thrown “running” into a little box of things I call the impossible for me. It was never going to happen. I tried hard to just accept it, but I was still dissatisfied. Something inside me wanted to keep pushing and give it another shot, but how could I after failing so many times? Why even bother?

Not long after having these thoughts I got some test results back that said I was (and now am) a Type 1 Diabetic. After seeing numerous doctors I knew that a severe lifestyle change was going to have to happen. Little by little I started incorporating changes, and my life has honestly been so much better because of this. It’s crazy to think that this diagnosis has actually changed my life for the better, and I believe it will save me from a lot of other major health problems I would have ended up with had I not made these changes. But that’s another story for another time…

A few weeks ago (around 2 months after my diagnosis) I decided I wanted to try running again. I decided to ask my dad about it, being that he has ran several long distance races in the past few years, and see what he thought. One of the races he did, along with several others that I know, is a half-marathon held in Savannah every November. I decided this would be a realistic goal to strive for, and even my husband said he would join me in training and running this race. After speaking with my father, he recommended a book titled Run Walk Run by Jeff Galloway. As I started reading the book, I could feel myself starting to hope again, and after finishing this book last week I am now a full believer in his method. While I was reading I would constantly hear a voice telling me, “You can do this“. I finished the book and had a training plan in place last Friday.

Today I had my very first day of training, and it was great. It was honestly the best run-although it was mostly walking because of the beginner’s method I am currently using-I have had in a long time. I was so encouraged and so hopeful from reading this book, and several thoughts came to mind that I knew was the Holy Spirit trying to teach me. It was then I decided to start keeping a record of what I learn on this journey. Training for this half marathon is about way more than just running some race. It is about physical endurance, but it’s also a spiritual journey for me. It’s about getting healthy and getting in shape. It’s about having a bonding activity with my husband. It is many things, and I want to keep a record of all this, and share it in hopes to encourage someone else as I have been so deeply encouraged.

Lord, thank you for this opportunity, and thank you for the hope that is in You and You alone.


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