Mother’s Day 2016

This Mother’s Day there are 5 mothers in my life I want to recognize. Because a Facebook post just does not have enough room, I decided to dedicate a blog space to them.

To Mawmaw: Thank you for stepping in and loving Conner, Autumn, myself, and all of us really, 9 years ago now, and becoming an irreplaceable part of our family. Thank you for being an amazing grandmother and spoiling Conner and calling him “my gold”. I had the opportunity to have multiple grandparents growing up that he did not, and I am beyond grateful for this. You hold a very special place in his heart that none other can fill. Thank you!

To Courtney: You are one of my very best and truest friends, and I am so excited to share in your first mother’s day! The journey here was certainly not easy-just take a look back where you were last mother’s day to see-but you are here. You made it, and you are doing a fabulous job! I know it doesn’t always feel that way. I know you have mixed feelings between guilt and relief when going to work. I know you get tired and frustrated at times, and then want to scream and cry at others. I know because I’ve been there too. But one thing I know for certain, you absolutely love your child with your whole heart in ways that only a mother can. You are doing your absolute best. You are human and are allowed to feel different emotions-allow yourself to feel those-and know that you are an amazing mother.

To My Sister, Amanda: YAY! Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay! I know you’ve dreamed about, talked about, and worried about this time for years now. I know you thought it would never  come, but you are here. A little human is growing inside of you and, *cough* he (okay, he OR she, but for ease of writing we will just say he 😉 ) is going to love you like none other! Although this baby has not exited your body yet, he is coming, and you are already a mother. If there is anyone on the planet who I know and have always known would make a great mother, it is you! I know you are scared, and I know you’re worried. I know you have doubts and fears. I also know that if we don’t set you straight, you’ll listen to the negative instead of the positive (WARNING: SUNSHINE ALERT). YOU are an incredible woman and have a true heart for mothering. You already have a heart for children in general, so I can only imagine the abundance of love this baby, and future babies, will have. There will be times you mess up, and there will be times you have no clue what you’re doing, but that’s okay. This is new, and you have to allow yourself to learn. Forgive yourself easily, because God does and this is new, take a deep breath, and move on. And when you need help, you know we’re here. Love you precious one!

To Annie: Do you know that “Annie” is an English name and means “grace”? Of course you did because you share my love of Google and random knowledge in general! 😉 I think this is so important because if anyone knows about grace, it’s you. You bask in grace and you give grace so freely and it is absolutely beautiful. I know that isn’t always easy for you. I know it did not always come this way, and that it took a long and difficult journey to get to this place, but you are here, and we are grateful for that. Grace is an important quality in mothering, and Lord knows you have had to give an abundance of it with your three boys (Trini, eh, not so much, haha!). When I hear stories I always think to myself how glad I am that you are there mother and not someone else because either she would be in the looney bin or they would be entirely different. Everyone is perfect in their own ways just the way they turned out. You are a strong woman, a fierce woman, and a beautiful, delicate, sensitive warrior woman. You remind of Jesus being both Lion and Lamb. You are a reflection of the savior’s heart. Thank you for always loving me, but going beyond a simple love to the point of mothering me as well. That is a rare diamond in the ruff to find, but you do it and are wonderful. You got that part of Sippi for sure, the way you love us, and it keeps her legacy alive. I know you may believe your legacy is left after you die, but as I have mentioned before, you are at the top of the totem pole now and your legacy already lives on in our lives as hearts as well, so you don’t have to wait until Heaven to look down and see it. You have not failed, you have victoriously succeeded already, and even though I know you have more to teach us (because you’ll never stop teaching us), you have done a fantastic job. I’m so happy and relieved to see you and Hoot taking time to camp and relax and just do for yourselves. This brings us all joy and if anyone deserves it you both do! We love you tremendously and are immensely grateful for you!

Last, but certain not least, to my own mother/Grammie: Where do I even begin? I know last year was my first Mother’s Day, but at that point I had only had a glimpse of motherhood. Now that I have more time under my belt I am even MORE grateful for you, and I know this will become more and more true as the years go by. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done and all you do. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made and make, for all the “sunshine”, for the teachable moments, for all the comfort in the tears, and for all of the laughs. Thank you for letting me crawl in your bed/room for uncountable years during the storms. Thank you for the naps together, ice cream runs together, my amazing beach chair,  and for my curly hair I hated growing up but now love because it’s so easy. The more I grow, the more I feel like I’m turning into you, and that’s okay because you’re not just an amazing mother, you’re an amazing person. You taught me to hope and see the light in everything. You taught that life can be tough, but it can always be tougher, and always get better. You taught me to always have your sunglasses on, always where some color on my lips, and carry my powder with me so my face does not look shiny. Most of my knowledge and practice of mothering comes from you, and it is a wonderful source because you are a true reflection of the Savior, of His tender heart, and of His unconditional love towards us. I know you haven’t always had it easy, that you struggle just like everyone else, and you have seen loss being so young that someone should not have to face. Yet, you continue to see the best in everything and I love that about you. There have been times-and I’m sure there still are-where I haven’t been the greatest daughter (insert time I got all the way to church before I realized I still had not told you happy Mother’s Day, I’m sorry!!!), but you are always faithful and love me anyway. There have been times where I have not always appreciated your mothering (insert countless times of grammar correction and thumps on my forehead), but I know it is for my own good, and that everything you do is to help me grow. Thank you for being an amazing mom over the years, and for continuing to be an amazing mom. There is no one else who can or ever will replace you. I’m so excited to have you closer, but even more excited that you and dad are finally getting to live your dreams of having your own land in the middle of nowhere and building your barn. You taught me that with hard work and faith, anything is possible. You taught me how to love, how to take care of  my family, and how to dream. You show me all the time how valuable I am, and I know now, more than ever, how much you really do love me. I cannot say this enough, but I love you to pieces, and am eternally thankful for you! XOXOXOXO



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