Community Group

It’s Wednesday night and this is the first “free” Wednesday night we’ve really had since last September when Community Groups started back at our church. This was Brandon and mine’s first time being in a community group, or a small group of any kind for that matter, and it was just simply amazing.

This past week I’ve been reflecting on how much our group has meant to us, and I would like to share some of those thoughts with you.

We started going to Dublin Bible Church in early April 2016, so just over a year ago now. We knew that first Sunday we went that we were “home”. Not long after we started going we heard them mention community groups, but they end in May and we never got a chance to go. However, the women’s Bible study started that June and I decided to join in. I’m so glad I did because I loved it and it helped me meet some of the other women in the church. But as the fall started approaching, talk of community groups began again and I brought it up to Brandon. We talked and both agreed that we wanted to join a group, but neither of us really knew what to expect since we had never been in a small group before.

In August we found out our first group meeting would be mid-September (we would then meet every Wednesday night at our leaders’ home) and we found out who would be in our group. We sort of knew everyone in the group at that time, but when the time came for our first time to get together, we were both nervous. I can’t speak for him, but all summer long I had heard about how great community groups were, and how much everyone just loved their group, so I had pretty high expectations. I didn’t expect us to all instantly connect, but I did hope that we would all grow close, and that’s exactly what happened.

We didn’t talk a whole lot the first couple of weeks, but it was not long at all before we started opening up and connecting with the other couples in our group. Wednesday nights very soon became my favorite night of the week. Each week Brandon and I found out we had more and more in common with everyone there, and each week it seemed like God was teaching us the same lessons, and speaking into our lives in very similar ways.

The holidays came and went, and 2017 began with adding another couple to our group, and it even more completed us. This made 10 of us total, and each week we continues to grow, both in each other and in God. We began to talk more during the week, and they became “my people”. They were my people to laugh with, to lean on, to confess to, to discuss with, and to just simply do life with. Wednesday nights became treasured memories of comfort and security. Our group was a place where each of us could be completely honest and vulnerable with each other, knowing no one would look down on us or judge us, and we could be confident that what happened in our group would stay in the group. That honestly I believe brought us even closer together and molded us into a little family.

This family changed our lives. Maybe that sounds dramatic to some, or over the top, but it is the truth. It has had such a huge impact in our relationships with God, in our marriage, in parenting, and really every area of our lives. Brandon and I have both grown so much this past year, and I know that so much of it is because of being a part of this group. Community is something both of our souls were so desperately looking for, and this past year, we sure found it. It has become so important, so special to us, and it’s all because of you, living out life in obedience to Christ, “doing life in circles, not rows”. A.J., Ashley, Casey, Clint, Buck, Jasmine, Kenrick, and Julia: from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! Thank you for loving us and allowing us to do life with you! We love you guys and look forward to the future with you!!


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